So many new necklaces in my etsy shop!  There are two lovely mermaids, Miss Green and Miss Purple, a cute bat, a sophisticated Sherlock hat, and a retro raygun necklace!  ALSO I made clear acrylic charms—a genie and a Zelda-esque fairy trapped in bottles, and two ship-in-a-bottle types—a sinking Titanic and a pirate ship being attacked by a kracken!

All of the non-clear ones are $15, the clear ones are $20.  I have the charms prints/cut by Inkit Labs, and then I make everything myself.  I love jewelry design, and making illustrated jewelry is one of my fave things to do!  I hope you like my new crop.  Next: new earrings!

Oh…the clear bottle charms are such a cute idea!  Also in love with the ray gun and that little bat. <3